Food Microbiology Bundle

2 courses

16 Jun 2020



We've bundled our Safety in the Food Micro Lab and our Micro Sampling for Food Processors course for the special offer of $200 ($49.99 savings). 

What's included:

  • Micro Sampling for Food Processors - This course will provide students with an introduction into statistical sampling plans and the practical side of implementation for FDA products. Emphasis on the specific pathogens in different products will also be introduced and examined
  • Safety in the Food Micro Lab Training Video- Understanding the everyday hazards present in the laboratory environment is important to keeping employees safe. This brief video provides an introductory look at possible microbiological, chemical, and physical hazards in the laboratory environment and the safety measures that can prevent accidents from occurring. This video is ideal for onboarding new employees and as refresher training for current employees.

Actual retail price: $249.99

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