Advanced HACCP

11 modules


Course Length
7 hours

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The Mérieux NutriSciences Advanced HACCP course is certified by the International HACCP Alliance and focuses on the analysis of a Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points Food Safety System at a site.  This course helps students use effective analytical tools to take a deeper dive into their HACCP Food Safety systems to ensure they have the right hazards identified, the right critical control points established and the effective supporting programs with the right controls in place to effectively protect and prevent food safety issues.  

Upon successful completion of a 40 question final exam, participants will earn an Advanced HACCP certificate with the International HACCP Alliance gold seal*. 

Course Prerequisite: HACCP Certification

It is recommended that students have previously taken Practical HACCP for Food Processors (or another basic or introductory HACCP course) and earned their initial HACCP certificates prior to taking this course. 

This course will be available to you for 1 year from the date of purchase.

*The hard copy of your certificate with the HACCP Alliance gold seal will be mailed to you within 7-10 business days. 


Learning Objectives

  • Learn how to utilize analytical tools to determine if a HACCP plan has the right hazards identified and correctly presents the risks associated with the hazards identified in that plan.
  • Discover the methods used to analyze and re-assess the HACCP Plan to ensure the overall plan effectively controls the hazards identified.
  • Explore the steps in analyzing the controls for hazards to ensure they are scientifically and technically valid, the correct decision was made for critical limits and the most effective methods for verifying the HACCP system is being followed.


By completing/passing this course, you will attain the certificate Advanced HACCP

Course Materials
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Module 1: Introduction to HACCP
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Module 2: Prerequisite Programs
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Module 3: Identifying Your Hazards
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Module 4: Conducting a Hazard Analysis
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Module 5: Critical Control Points & Control Limits
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Module 6: Monitoring CCPs and Managing HACCP Records
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Module 7: Verification and Validation of the HACCP System
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Module 8: HACCP Plan Reassessment
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Advanced HACCP Final Exam
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End of Course Survey
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