Smart Sanitation

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09 Apr 2020



Sanitation is very important for consumer health and shelf life of food products. Factors considered include equipment, employees, packaging materials, excess water, floor mats, buttons/switches, rodents, and pests. Problem areas to focus on include growth niches in seams, floor cracks and drains, ledges, equipment, and absorbent materials; and a sanitation schedule is necessary. The eight steps for proper cleaning and sanitation are taught in this video.

  • Proper cleaning and sanitation are necessary for consumer health, product shelf life and brand confidence.
  • Eight steps for cleaning and sanitation include removal of waste materials, pre-rinse step, cleaning and scrubbing, rinse off detergent, visually inspect for soil, wash and rinse floors, sanitize floors then equipment, remove excess water.

A quiz packet is included with your purchase for documenting employee training and assessment.

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Smart Sanitation
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