Plant Micro Sampling/EMP/Listeria Training Bundle #2

4 courses

16 Jun 2020



We've bundled our popular Environmental Monitoring Implementation Practices and Procedures Program with the Listeria Controls in Food Processing Facilities training video and Micro Sampling for Food Processors course for the special offer of $625 ($110 savings). 

What's included:

  • Environmental Monitoring Implementation Practices and Procedures Training Program (English  and Spanish)- Environmental monitoring is an important component in a food safety program. An environmental monitoring program helps companies measure the effectiveness of contamination control measures, such as good manufacturing practices (GMPs) and sanitation in the food processing environment. A well designed environmental monitoring program can be used to detect the presence of foodborne pathogens and indicator microorganisms on food equipment, food contact surfaces, non-food contact surfaces and in the food facility environment.

    While sampling protocols and techniques vary among companies, this program will provide you with practical guidelines to ensure best practices. The 10 part training program was also specifically designed to enable you and your manager to discuss the specific details of your sampling program.

  • Micro Sampling for Food Processors - This course will provide students with an introduction into statistical sampling plans and the practical side of implementation for FDA products. Emphasis on the specific pathogens in different products will also be introduced and examined
  • Listeria Controls in Food Processing Facilities Training VideoListeria monocytogenes is one of the most most common microbiological hazards to the food industryThis microorganism may be introduced into a product or a food from the plant environment, ingredients, or as a result of poor practices during food processing. This 5-part streaming video will focus on the control of this organism in the processing environment since that’s the most common cause of contamination. A quiz packet is included with your purchase for documenting employee training and assessment.

Original Retail Price: $735.00

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