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We've bundled four of our most popular GMP videos together for the special offer of $350 ($70 savings!).

What's included:

  • Avoiding Microbial Cross Contamination - This video discusses sources of bacteria in food facilities such as poultry, meat, agricultural products, and people. The importance of preventing the introduction of bacteria after the kill step is also addressed as well as proper traffic routes, frock and glove changes, hand washing, rework, and the importance of separate maintenance tools for finished product areas.
  • Employee Hygiene Practices - This very detailed video discusses proper employee hygiene practices and what to do if employees are ill. Personal hygiene habits, correct hand washing procedures, jewelry, and proper use of hair and beard nets are addressed. Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) and prevention of product contamination are also discussed.
  • Guidelines for Maintenance Personnel - This video addresses GMP Basics from a maintenance worker’s viewpoint, and also includes proper hygiene, frock, and hair net usage. The information is very detailed and shows real world examples of cross contamination and proper equipment repair. It also focuses on the importance of promoting food safety culture from within the maintenance department.
  • Smart Sanitation - Sanitation is very important for consumer health and shelf life of food products. Factors considered include equipment, employees, packaging materials, excess water, floor mats, buttons/switches, rodents, and pests. Problem areas to focus on include growth niches in seams, floor cracks and drains, ledges, equipment, and absorbent materials; and a sanitation schedule is necessary. The eight steps for proper cleaning and sanitation are taught in this video.

Actual retail price: $420

A bundle of the Spanish language videos is also available. 

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